Integral Church Pilgrimage to Dobogokő


On May 11, 2019, the crew at Integral Church Hungary led a group on a hike to Dobogókő — a popular tourist area that is part of Pilisszentkereszt village in Hungary. 

According to Wikipedia, “Dobogókő is the highest point in the Visegrád Hills (700 meters). In the hills lies the Ödön Téry Memorial, a stone pyramid built in memory of one of great pioneers of Hungarian tourism. Dobogókő is also a pilgrimage site for Hungarian neopagans (followers of the revived Táltos faith, that is similar to shamanism) who believe that the place is the “heart chakra” of the earth.”

Here’s what some had to say:


Erzebet (Bőbe) Vizinger (Facilitator, Integral Church, Kecskemét) – 

“On May 11th we celebrated the third anniversary of the Integral Church in Hungary. 

In 2016, Joran led the first Circle at the Integral European Conference, and it was a wonderful inspiration for me to do the same. In the last three years, I’ve hosted Circles in Kecskemét every month, and in April our community decided to celebrate at Dobogókő, which is the most famous sacred place in our country.

For me, it was a touching moment, when we arrived and I realized how many enthusiastic people were there. We met with Orsi and Kata, and the Integral Church community from Budapest, and spent the whole day together.

The tour was really amazing — the rocks of the Pilis mountain, the stories about our spiritual history, the sunshine and the fresh air. There was a magical moment with the stones of the Heart Chakra when I looked around, saw these lovely people and thought, “Yes, we are here, together. I’m blessed and thankful.”

We ate together in the Zsindelyes Restaurant (designed by the brilliant Imre Makovecz), and went to Pilisszentlélek, where we held the Circle. There is a very strong energetic field, so we were charged with this sacred energy. The monastery is a ruin now, but this was the home of the first and only order founded in Hungary during the 13th century (Order of Saint Paul the First Hermit). 

We meditated, listened to a song, and shared our stories from the via creativa (how we co-create with God and how can we live our life fully). 


Orsolya Szabóné (Facilitator, Integral Church, Budapest) – 

“Last Saturday was full of magic and miracles. I have been to Dobogókő several times before, and I thought that I knew it well, but this time I met its real mysterious and spiritual side – the face that has been hidden from average people for a long time. 

First, we had a guided tour on the Turull hiking trail, where we experienced the healing cliffs – each related to a chakra – and enabling the whole body to cure. The power of the cliffs were purely appreciable. It seemed as if we were in a magic forest embraced by Mother Earth. It was a never-to-be-forgotten experience, we plan to return to be blessed with it again. After the 3-hour tour – which took so long due to stops to listen to the detailed explanation of our tour leader – we had our really delicious lunch and drove to the monastery ruin of Pilisszentlélek. Laying on the grass in that wonderful weather and talking about the via creativa – the creative way leading us to God – was a real gift. The personal sharings during the Offering of the Stones ceremony touched upon this topic: change, self undertaking, measuring up to others, finding our inner sound, and creative realization of our inner wishes and suggestions. It’s hard to put into words how motivating and improving this discussion was for me. It encouraged me to find my most creative side, express myself proudly, as the main purpose of life is to let God exist, manifest and flow through ourselves.

I am grateful for this day, for the company of the kind people and for the wonderful time in nature.” 

New Member, Rebeka –

“I’ve tried to find the right denomination in my childhood but none of them matched closely enough, so I just gave up and decided to follow my own faith, which was hard to define, so I felt lost quite often. 

I became aware that the Integral Church existed around one year ago. I planned to participate for the first time one year ago, but somehow I never went. This time, I was open enough and ready to join. It was a really important and meaningful experience for me, together with the spiritual tour. 

I am on the process of a really big change and I am becoming more and more conscious. It seemed there was a door which I was facing for years but I was holding too much in my hands so I wasn’t able to open it. This Saturday made me absolutely ready to lay it down, so I finally had two hands free. One to open the door, and the other to take hold of the invisible hand which tried to hold mine before. Together, hand in hand we could enter an open group in a safe place with a lot of inspiration. Thank you.”


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