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The Thinker and The Prover

“Whatever the Thinker thinks, the Prover will prove.” – Robert Anton Wilson

  1. Visualize a quarter vividly, and imagine vividly that you are going to find the quarter on the street. Then, look for the quarter every time you take a walk, meanwhile continuing to visualize it. See how long it takes to find the quarter.
  2. Explain the above experiment by the hypothesis of “selective attention” — that is believe there are lots of lost quarters everywhere and you were bound to find one by continually looking. Go looking for a second quarter.
  3. Explain the experiment by the alternative “mystical” hypothesis that “mind controls everything.” Believe that you made the quarter manifest in this universe. Go looking for a second quarter.
  4. Compare the time it takes to find the second quarter using the first hypothesis (attention) with the time it takes using the hypothesis (mind-over-matter).
  5. With your own ingenuity, invent similar experiments and each time compare the two theories — “selective attention” (coincidence) vs. “mind controls everything” (psychokinesis).
  6. Avoid coming to any strong conclusions prematurely. At the end of the month, re-read this [entry], think it over again, and still postpone coming to any dogmatic conclusion. Believe it possible that you do not know everything yet, and that you might have something still to learn.

– from Prometheus Rising, Robert Anton Wilson (1997, 2nd rev. ed., tenth printing)

Listen to raw audio from the Prometheus Rising lecture.