Morning Affirmation


I Am ________________

I Am a healer
I Am a change agent
I Am a force for good

I Am in the right place at the right time
And when my work is done, I move on

I Am Spirit, and I surrender to Spirit-in-Action
And the unfolding of cosmic consciousness
Within and without

* When we say, “I Am __________,” we are saying, “God is ___________ through me.” If you find it helpful, you can recite your morning affirmation to yourself in the mirror. Morning affirmations are usually followed by the Integral Prayer.

About Joran Slane Oppelt

Author, Musician, Interfaith Minister, Chaplain, Public Speaker, Event Producer, Marketing Professional, Husband, Father - Not necessarily in that order. Follow me on Twitter @joranslane. View all posts by Joran Slane Oppelt

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