The Fractured Self


Every person you meet returns to you a piece of your original self.

Every person you come in contact with presents to you a shard of fractured mirror – reflecting back to you a piece of your self that was lost in the chaos and the entropy that was your birth and becoming.

The mirror image is your original self.

We think we lost it, but we are surrounded by pieces of it every day.

We think it was taken from us, but we need simply open our eyes and recognize it.

We think we must seek it out, but we need simply let the pieces return to us in their own time.

This original self has a name.

You need simply to speak it.


About Joran Slane Oppelt

Author, Musician, Interfaith Minister, Chaplain, Public Speaker, Event Producer, Marketing Professional, Husband, Father - Not necessarily in that order. Follow me on Twitter @joranslane. View all posts by Joran Slane Oppelt

3 responses to “The Fractured Self

  • CrankyContrarian

    This reminds me of R.D. Laing’s work, particularly The Divided Self. Within Laing’s framework, the self is a phenomenon that occurs in context, while at the same time locating ontological security within the individual. The process of actualization, which for Laing was clearly existential, must occur at the boundaries between the self and its context. An excellent articulation of Theory of Mind.

    • Joran Slane Oppelt

      Thanks so much for reading, and for the comment. I’m not familiar with Laing’s work, but I agree, and not only toward a theory of “mind,” but also of the body/mind/consciousness/Spirit spectrum described in different cultures as the gross, subtle and causal body or as the Vedantic “koshas,” etc. I will add The Divided Self to my reading list.

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