The Declaration of Interdependence

Here is a document drafted by our friend and visual artist, Efren Rebugio, on December 12, 2012. We believe this document to be an important commentary on interiors and interconnectedness as well as a valuable contribution to our current culture and future way of life and we’re honored to be able to publish it here. 

If you’d like to “sign” the declaration, please do so in the comments below. Share with your friends.

Declaration of Interdependence by Efren Rebugio

Declaration of Interdependence

“The time of individualism has passed. Now is the time for interdependence. The days of separation have ended. Labels are of the past. The age of the collective mind is upon us.

It is Mother Nature that has taught us that we are all connected. We must work together.

For …

We are not Christian
We are not Muslim
We are not Buddhist
We are spiritual beings

We are not gay
We are not straight
We are not transgender
We are sexual beings

We are not white
We are not brown
We are not black
We are human beings

One Earth. One people. One tribe.”

– E.R. 12/12/12

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